Sunday, November 22, 2009

Most Boring Post of All Time??

I am sitting at my desk trying to come up with a theme for a post. Arwen and Miriel are in the next room disputing about whose fingers are longer, and who has the biggest palm. (This is not a "fight"; it just means they have now been together long enough that all of the Important stuff has been communicated, and they are talking randomly. A threat to mere type what they are saying has been ineffective in getting them to simmer down.) Roger is watching The Princess Bride at the other computer. I have seen it enough times that I can identify the point in the plot from one or two lines.

I guess I can tell y'all about Godspell. The production was held in a (Lutheran) church , with chain-link fence and canvas stretched across the front
of the sanctuary. It actually gave a sense of intimacy, as if the audience was almost up among the actors. I thought that I had only been marginally acquainted with the musical, but as each song came along I realized that I knew it, including most of the words. And it made me cry at the end.

And now I'm going to go hang out with my daughters, and prove that my fingers are longer.......


Arwen said...

NOT the most boring blog post of all time, not even close! You just read many interesting blogs. Google around and you'll find plenty of blog entries about what people ate for lunch and similarly snore-worthy topics. :)

Love you, Mom!

HereWeGoAJen said...

No, I think my fingers are longer.