Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sloppy Saturday #2 --- 2009

Last night we went to Home Depot and looked at carpet. May i just say that the number of choices is overwhelming? (Fortunately, if you limit things to our price range, only sort of overwhelming...) We did settle on a color that goes well with all of our paint choices, and a secondary (read "extremely cheap") version for the basement. Now if we could just get a closing date...

Then we came home, and like boring old people, had a snack and went to bed. Kelson was at the school Drama Club production of Our Town. I love his reaction, lifted directly from Twitter: "Picture, umm, the Music Man, except the Music Man never came to town..." That sums up what I've thought of that play for decades, which is why I made no plans to go, although I know many of the kids who are in it, and I'm sure they do a great job. In the spring they'll do a musical, so that should be better.

This afternoon I will be doing mixed sewing: a little mending, letting out some pants for our 90YO friend Father Paul, and putting together Blaise's Christmas stocking. Counting the ones I've made for friends and relatives, this will be the 19th stocking I've done over the past 27 years. They're woven cloth, with appliqued contrast toe and heel patches, and the names are on counted-cross-stitch bands at the top. They all coordinate, though no two are exactly alike. I wonder how many more I'll need to make over the years? So far the grandchildren have arrived far enough before Christmas that I could do a stocking, but I predict that someday I'll need to do one in a hurry.

(What, you say? No newborn will know if his/her stocking is missing?? But I will, and so will the other grandchildren, and that's enough reason for me.)

In keeping with the Sloppy Saturday theme, this post has no coherent ending. Tra, la, la, I'll be back tomorrow......

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