Friday, November 27, 2009

Random Update

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving. Ours was great! Arwen and Branwen shared the cooking, with help from parents and siblings. I was very happy not to have the full responsibility, but I forgot that this would mean that I didn't get the leftovers! Some of the pies are here (we had seven pies for 11 adults and four kids...) but I am not going to get even ONE turkey sandwich. :-/

"Here" is back in our hometown. Although Arwen and her family stayed at their home to recover from all of the traveling Bryan has been doing recently, Branwen and Larry and their kids, plus Tirienne and Miriel, all returned here today -- so that we could work on the new house!!! We got a lot of cleaning done today and will do more tomorrow. Next weekend will be painting, the weekend after that the hardwood floor. During the next week, the carpet will be installed, and then we'll move the weekend after that.

And yes, if you do the math, that means we will be moving the weekend before Christmas!! I would in NO way have planned it like that, but we did pray for "the right house at the right price at the right time", so I guess I have to assume that this is the right time. Anyway, the big girls have volunteered to do stocking-stuffers, and the other kids have been delegated to cut and put up and decorate the tree -- which we never put up before the third Sunday in Advent at the earliest, because we leave it up until Epiphany. So I guess I will survive. (And for any of my friends who are reading this -- the traditional New Year's Eve party is ON! Even if I have to buy all the food at Sam's Club.)

I expect that over the next few weeks I will have more than one moment of temptation to melt down. Please pray for me, that I will be able to rely on God's strength, because I am certain that mine is going to get pretty well drained. For somebody with a history of anxiety and panic like mine, that's a big trigger for losing it. Please pray that I won't!

Finally -- my nose is better! All of the giant scabs have fallen off, and although there are still blotchy pink areas. I look pretty normal. And unless I touch my nose in the wrong spot, it no longer hurts at all. The only real pain I've had lately was yesterday, when I asked Blaise to "give Grandma a kiss" and he banged his hard little forehead into my nose. But that was my own fault for forgetting that babies do that!

And now I'm off to find another piece of pumpkin pie...


ccr in MA said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! I don't host my own either, so I know what you mean about leftovers. Yesterday I cooked a turkey breast and made stuffing for myself. Voila, leftovers!

Best wishes for the move. They're so stressful, but you have a great support system to help you get there. Keep your eyes on the prize!

Sarah in Ottawa said...

I will keep you and your family in my prayers during the move. I can sympathize as I, too, have struggled with anxiety. But with His help (and your perseverence) it will all work out. Of that I have no doubt!

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Branwen said...

Mom, you should have said something, I would definitely have shared part of my leftover turkey!