Friday, November 13, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday --11/13

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1. Today is Friday the 13th. I have never seen the movie of that name, and have no desire to. But I DO actually like Friday the 13th! I think this has something to do with me asserting my independent identity. The first Friday the 13th I specifically remember was the year I was in seventh grade. (I could run the calendar back and get you the exact date, but I'm too lazy.) I was thirteen years old, in Homeroom #13 with a teacher I really liked, and I decided that three thirteens were lucky, at least for me. I don't really believe in lucky numbers, but I must say I've never had a bad Friday the 13th.

2. We have not closed on our house yet. We have jumped through at least three "one final hoop"s since I last mentioned it, and I am starting to fret that moving and Christmas might happen in the same time frame. I really wanted to be moved before the second Sunday in Advent!

3. On the other hand, I do have paint colors and flooring picked. We still need to make a final decision on the carpet, but that is mostly because we haven't settled on who we will buy it from. Home Depot and/or Lowe's have some things we like, but there is a locally-owned flooring store we dealt with when we recarpeted 12 or so years ago, and we simply haven't had time to drop in and see what options they have.

4. I have done a hunk of pre-move cleaning that I hadn't expected to. For a couple of weeks now we've been noticing moths in the house -- the cat makes sure we see them! -- and today I discovered that they've been living it up big time in my baking cupboard. I had to throw away all my whole-wheat and cornmeal supplies, plus assorted croutons, grains, and nuts. Yuck! On the other hand, I can wait to replace them until we're moved in. And about half of the stuff was things I've been thinking I'll use "someday". Cracked wheat from around Christmas of 2002..

5. A friend just dropped by with some clothes she is getting rid of, to see if I wanted any of them. She remembered that several years ago I had especially admired one blazer. It's a jewel-tone plaid, and my kids will make fun of it, but I do love it, and it fits, so I'm going to hang on to it for at least a little while. There's also a lovely brown tweed blazer, so I'm now on the hunt for dress pants in the right shade of brown. Wish me luck!

6. I have finally come down with the cold that my family has been passing around, or at least some cold. I feel fine, but I sound odd when I talk, and awful when I cough. I'm truly glad it doesn't hurt! I just hope I can sing by choir mass on Sunday.

7. I am "off the hook" for dinner tonight. I didn't feel like cooking, and fortunately Roger just received some "birthday" coupons from Mancino's, a pizza and grinder chain. Dinner out for three is not very expensive when you have a coupon for a free 16" grinder! ( The restaurant link is not to our local store, but it has the best picture of the menu. On the "grinder" link you need to scroll down to see what distinguishes a grinder from a sub. We have sub shops too, but these are different.)


SoccerNerdPunk said...
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SoccerNerdPunk said...

I too really like Friday the 13th, but not the horror movies associated with it. My liking of it probably stems from the fact that I turned 13 on Friday the 13th, and my favorite pro-soccer player was #13 at the time.

Ellen said...

I love it that you live in Michigan! My cousin worked at a Mancino's all through high school and college. Grinders are definitely not a sub!

HereWeGoAJen said...

I once ate pasta that expired about seven years early. It was dry.