Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Whatcha Readin' Wednesday -- Disappointment

Well, I finished April Lady, but as I mentioned on Friday, I spent half my time being annoyed by the Gibson Girls on the cover. Somewhere along the line I discovered that this release of the Heyer books is under the HQN imprint, which turns out to be Harlequin romances under a slightly different guise. This completely explains why I was unable to read the Kasey Michaels book for more than a few pages -- it's just a Harlequin in a frock coat. Your choice of disappointing or disgusting.

Another disappointment came today, when I stopped by the local library to pick up the books they have on hold for me. Veterans' Day = closed library. (Pout, pout.) I am making do with fiction I have on hand until tomorrow, when I will get my hands on Blackwork by Monica Ferris and Tears of Pearl by Tasha Alexander. These are both the latest numbers of series' I enjoy, so I'm hoping for no disappointments once I actually can read them.

One book that is NOT disappointing is the work on synesthesia Wednesday Is Indigo Blue which I mentioned last week. I'm reading it in short snatches because it's fairly scholarly, but even though I'm not synesthetic myself I keep having "aha" moments which help me understand my family better. (It turns out that Roger is also a synesthete, which makes me agree with Kelson -- I'm a little bit jealous. The only consolation I've found so far is being able to use all these great words: synesthesia, synesthetic, synesthete. I also found the word for somebody with photographic (eidetic) memory, which is eidetiker. Luscious.)

And that's it on the reading front for today, sadly. But since the library will be open then, I say with Scarlett O'Hara "Tomorrow is another day!" See ya then!


Christina said...

". . . it's just a Harlequin in a frock coat." LOVE THIS!!!
You have such a beautiful mind Ellen

Tracy said...

I also love that "Harlequin in a frock coat". I don't care much for harlequins at all either.

(I found cheese on sale today - $1.25 for 8 oz :-). With expiration dates in January and February. I got a lot!)

Lindsay said...

I should probably read that book to learn more about synesthesia. I really don't know THAT much about it. I was shocked stiff when I even found out that not everyone thinks the same way I do!