Thursday, November 19, 2009

Itchy Kitchy Koo

My mother had something she always told me whenever I skinned my knees as a kid -- "When it starts to itch, it means it's getting better." Man, do I hope she was right. Because currently I am (almost seriously) tempted to scratch the front of my face right off.

There is a remote possibility that I am having a reaction to adhesive, since I have been cushioning the nose pads of my glasses with the tape from Sport Strip Band-Aids. I have just removed that, and for the last 30 seconds it's felt better. But I'm pretty sure that's not the whole story, since I woke up this morning already itchy, and I don't wear my glasses while I sleep!

Actually I think my mother was probably right. I am already showing other signs of healing; the two black eyes I was promised have not materialized, but I have gorgeous yellow circles underneath. It sure looks like the yellow you get when a bruise starts to fade. At any rate, here's hoping!

I am really looking forward to tomorrow, when Arwen arrives with Blaise and Camilla. (Bryan is spending the weekend at his dad's deer hunting "ranch.") And Miriel is coming with them! She has a long Thanksgiving break from the John Jay Institute, and is flying back to Michigan today. Only Brandon won't be here for Thanksgiving, but he's already put in for his Christmas leave, so we'll all be together then. In the new house, DV.

The original plan was that Branwen and her family would come for this weekend, too, and we'd get some good work in on the house. But we still don't have a closing date, so that is off. Everybody is going to come back here Thanksgiving weekend, though. (Arwen and Branwen wanted to cook this year, so we are going there for Thanksgiving itself.) At least we will be able to pack boxes in this house, though I have myself nearly convinced that cleaning is not an "alteration" and that nobody can object to some vacuuming and scrubbing on the new house even if we don't yet have title. But we'd certainly appreciate prayers that we'll be closed by then!!

Well, it appears that typing is a good mechanism for keeping scratching from following itching. But I need to go do some other things, so here's hoping that I can stand it. Bye!

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Itching always means I am healing!