Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Whatcha Readin' Wednesday

For anybody who cares, the gory pictures of me and my nose are here. I would love to post a disclaimer about how he takes them in the morning before I'm showered, blah, blah, blah, but I expect that that's just how I look right now. Fortunately it's not how I feel! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.....

I finished Blackwork, and can recommend it with reservations. The mystery is fine, but I believe that Ferris is trying so hard to be relevant that she goes overboard. One continuing character is homosexual, which I can ignore because he's such a stereotype that he doesn't ever become real, but in this volume she gives equal attention and countenance to a Wiccan cleansing ritual and a Christian wedding ceremony. Furthermore, the "Wiccan ritual" includes the Prayer to Saint Michael in a version that manages to not mention God. Apparently devotees of Wicca believe in Saint Michael, but not in God. Who knew??!!

I am having an interesting time balancing my reading right now, because there is so much to be done for the move. On the one hand, I'm afraid if I check more books out of the library I'll just wind up moving them, which is silly considering how many books we already need to move. On the other hand, if I'm going to maintain my sanity throughout the move, I need to be reading something, and I hate pulling books out of boxes I've already packed. (Don't tell Kelson, but this is the first argument for getting a Kindle I can give any credence to.) I'll let you know how this balancing act works out!

Right now I'm going to go get the pizzas ready for dinner and read a little bit of the new First Things that came today while they bake. See ya!


Branwen said...

Ooow! That looks pretty awful but at least your whole face isn't purple (yet) Thanks for indulging us with the pictures :)

Tracy said...

Ouch. Just... Ouch.

I don't care for "relevant" sometimes. so... I'll just skip that one for now.

I saw a Kindle in person for the first time, and I wish I had one for the trip. but I'll just take a book instead!

Jake said...

I just started Lilith, by macdonald. Hope you continue to feel better.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Yeah, ouch.

I've wanted a Kindle for when I am traveling. I read too fast so I cannot physically pack enough books to take with me on a trip.

antonia said...

ouch! looks like you bashed your nose pretty bad. it looks very swollen too.

best wishes for the rest of your recovery


Sarah in Ottawa said...

I'm glad that you feel better than we'd assume based on those photos because WOW!

Kindles have JUST come to Canada. I'd like to play with one to see how it handles because I am loathe to give up the heft of a good book (usually from the library; I'm frugal).