Monday, November 02, 2009

A Purchase

We went to the furniture store this morning. I had been through several stores a couple of weeks ago, "idea shopping" as I told all the ever-so-helpful salespeople. After mulling those ideas for a while, we went back to the first store I checked out. It's locally owned, and much of our current furniture came from there.

We bought a couch, and ordered a recliner in a coordinating fabric. They actually had a recliner in stock in the fabric I liked ("The country's most popular" apparently -- I'm boring!) but the back was low enough that when Roger fully reclined his head was almost dangling. So we ordered one with a higher back.

I said that we bought a "couch", but what we actually bought was a sectional with matching wedge ottoman. I think in a pinch our whole extended family could sit on it, if the babies sat on laps and people perched on the arms. Technically it's two love seats with a recliner on one end of each, plus a corner seat. But since we can seat four friendly people on each of our current couches, I'm thinking three on each loveseat, one in the corner, two on the arms, two babies on laps, and an adult plus two preschoolers on the ottoman. I would almost like to try it!

It's a chocolate brown chenille, and the recliner will be a similar color of marled pseudo-leather. If you're thinking "three recliners??" the answer is YES. All of us like to have our feet up!

Although I am not looking forward to the actual moving (and for those who have asked, we don't have a closing date yet but are hoping for mid-November) I AM looking forward to being moved. The little niggling things wrong with out current house keep piling up, and there is no incentive to fix them, although we did replace the florescent bulbs in the kitchen fixture finally, after three of the four died.

So another step in the move has occurred, and tomorrow the state-required inspection happens. And maybe then we'll be able to close and start making changes. I'll keep you posted! (A little NaBloPoMo humor ;-D)

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Ted said...

Wow! It's still hard to believe you're moving out even though we've known about it for so long.

I pray that everything goes smoothly with the move and settling in! Can't wait to see the new place :-)