Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Roger!

Today is Roger's birthday, and I have a gift to wrap. Choir is singing at 11:30, and then we are having a birthday dinner of steak, salad, rolls, cherry pie, and wine. I made the pie yesterday, but the rolls are from scratch and I'm also making a blueberry cobbler for Kelson, who doesn't like cherry pie. So I'll be busy most of the day.

I may or may not be back with another post (!) when the festivities are over. See y'all then or Monday!


HereWeGoAJen said...

Happy birthday!

That sounds like a very delicious birthday dinner!

Lindsay said...

I really enjoy reading about all you do for your family. Reminds me of my own mom, and makes me grateful. If you have any pics of the stockings you've sewn for Christmas I'd love to see them. Us kids all had matching homemade stockings too, and though I don't have kids yet I think I might like to try making some for my husband and I.

Arwen said...

Kelson gets his own dessert? Youngest children are so spoiled.

Happy birthday to Dad!

Lindsay said...

Happy belated birthday, Roger!